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Regulations of accommodation

The Regulations of accomodation and the providing of hotel serveces

  1. Limited Liability Company "The Hotel Crystal" (hereinafter Contractor), on the one part, provides hotel services (hereinafter the Services) to citizens (hereinafter the Consumer), on the other part, for a period of time coordinated between the parties.


  1. Operating regime of "The Hotel Crystal" (hereinafter the Hotel) is twenty-four-hour


  1. The room is available for the Consumer only if the upfront payment for the room is completed and is there is a passport, military ID, identity card, the other document issued in the prescribed manner to confirm the identity of the Customer.


  1. The payment for accommodation and the hotel services are exercised at free (contractual) prices approved by the Contractor.


  1. The payment for accommodation is charged in accordance with a single check-in/out time - since 12:00 hours of the current day of the local time. When staying only a day (24 hours) the payment is charged per night, regardless of check-in/out time.


  1. When delaying the departure time the Consumer pays for accomodation services in the following way:
    • Not more than 6 hours after check out time - the payment by the hour;
    • From 6 to 12 hours after check out time - the payment for half the day;
    • From 12 to 24 hours after check out time - the payment for the full day.


  1. When placing consumers with 0 hours and 00 minutes before the specified checkout time will be charged in the amount not exceeding the charge for half a day. In case of delay the guest's departure the accommodation is paid in the following order:
    • no more than 6 hours after checkout time hourly payment;
    • from 6 to 12 hours after checkout time payment for half of days;
    • from 12 to 24 hours after checkout time payment for full day.


  1. The Contractor has the right to make a contract for the hotel reservation in writing, subject to availability. A reserved room is available from 13:00 to 12:00 p.m. (check-in/out time) next day. The payment for a reserved room is charged at the rate of 100% of its cost regardless of the time of arrival. If the Consumer is late the fine is charged for the actual idle of the room at the rate of the cost of the room per night. If the Consumer is late for the period of more than 24 hours the reservation is canceled.


  1. The accommodation of the Consumer in the reserved room before the check-in time is allowed by agreement. And if there are rooms available. The delay of the Consumer in the reserved room after the check-out time is allowed under the agreement with the administrator of the reception. In case of late check out the Consumer pays for accommodation in the way prescribed in paragraph 4 of this Regulations.


  1. Accordingly p.20 of Regulation of hotel services in Russian Federation, wich the government regulation states in 25/04/1997 490, the consummer have right to check-out from hotel every time earlier date, if he says to administrator about it. The check-out day would be payed by price for one night room.


  1. When reserving a room or accommodating without reservation the Consumer chooses a room category, but the Administrator chooses the room available in that category


  1. Children under 7 years old live free of charge


  1. The right to priority accommodation, if rooms are available, belongs to:
    • Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, Full Holders of the Order of Glory;
    • public prosecutor's officers, officers of the internal affairs, officers of the judiciary, officers of the federal government communications and information, officers of the communication by government courier , officers of the rating authority (in the performance of their duties);
    • disabled persons of Group 1 and persons accompanying them (no more than one);
    • other categories of citizens in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


War veterans, disabled persons of Group 2 and Group 3 and persons accompanying them accomodate in the hotel in the first place if there are rooms available.


  1. At the Consumer`s request visitors are allowed to be in the hotel from 7:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m. if they are registered at the front desk and receive guest card at the reception


  1. In the hotel there is a daily change of towels and toilet articles. The change of linen is made every three days


  1. The following services are free of charge for the Consumer:
    • Emergency call;
    • Use first aid kit;
    • Room delivery of correspondence
    • Taxi call;
    • Wake up call;
    • Advice on the use of smart-cards (keys), water heater and air-conditioner;
    • Use of the safe to store valuables and documents of the Consumer (fine for the loss of the key to safety deposit box is 1000 rubles).
    • Provision of boiling water, a needle and a thread, one set of the dishes and tablewar.


  1. The Consumer is provided with the additional paid services in accordance with the approved list of them.


  1. The consumer promises to comply with the following:
    • Comply with rules of the established order of accommodation
    • Keep the rented room clean
    • Comply with the fire safety rules;
    • Close the hydrants, the windows, switch off the lights, TV and other appliances when leaving the room;
    • At check-out time to check the complete set of the room by list of property. If the complete hasnt conform to list of property in room you should say to administrator on reseption. If consummer dont say about it, the room chall be adopted in full complete.
    • At check-out time to say administrator about yourself departure, to pass room, to give back a rooms smart-card, to pay for all used services
    • Pay damages in the case of the hotel property loss or damage in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation.


  1. It is forbidden for the consumer to:
    • To have visitors who are not the guests of the hotel after 23:00 p.m.;
    • To hand his smart-cards (keys) to other people;
    • To store bulky items, toxic and flammable materials, weapon;
    • To rearrange furniture in the room;
    • To keep animals and birds in the room;
    • To smoke in the rooms, corridors, halls and other public places ( a fine of 5,000 rubles)
    • To disturb other guests of the hotel.


  1. The Contractor is not responsible for for the Consumer`s valuables left in the room. To ensure the safety of the Consumer valuables the Contractor confers the right to use safe deposit boxes free.

  3. In the absence of the Consumer in the room for more than two hours (according to his check-out time) without payment or lack of forgotten things, the Contractor sets up a commission to make an inventory of the Consumer`s property in his room and (or) in the safety deposit box. The Contractor is responsible for keeping the Consumer`s things and takes measures to return them to their owner.

  5. The Guestbook is at the reception and is given to the Consumer on demand.


  1. In cases that are not covered by these Regulations, the Contractor and Consumer are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. The Contractor has the right to refuse residence services to a Consumer in case of breach of these Rules of residence or late payment for the accommodations and for any other services.


* These Regulations are drawn up in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation " The Consumer Protection Act" (Bulletin of Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation and Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, 1992, N 15, Art. 766 of legislative acts of the Russian Federation, 1996, N 3, Art. 140) and " The Regulations of the providing of hotel services in the Russian Federation", approved by the Russian Federation Government Decree of April 25, 1997 490 (as amended on October 2, 1999, September 15, 20000 PM, February 1, 2005).

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