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Russia, Kemerovo,
Lenina avenue, 90 / 2

(3842) 49-65-05

Hotel «Crystal»
Russia, Kemerovo
Lenina avenue 90 / 2

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Conference hall

Conference-service Unit Coast, rubles
Conference-hall (for 40 person)
short-term lease* hour 1300-00
Room for negotiations (for 25 person)
short-term lease* hour 1000-00
Notebook hour 500-00
Acoustic systems all day long 500-00
Microphone all day long 500-00
Web-camera all day long 500-00
Album for flip-chart (A1, 10 pages) - 400-00
Computer programmer service hour 1000-00
Service for baggage 1m2/weight not more 20 kilo/1 night** 1000-00

*Minimum time lease of hall – 2 hours.

** ability to receive large cargo agreed separately.

The coast of leasing hall included: screen, flip-chart desk and markers, flip-chart for album (album is extra payed), paper A4, 10 proprietary pens, locker-room, WC, cooler with drink water, air conditioner, tribune for lecturer, extender.

We prepose organization a business-lanch and buffet.

The lease time is determined by the declared and paid time. Keys to the premises issued upon application time (when determining the lease time, please take into consideration the need of time for preparation and completion of the event).

Terms of payment 100% prepayment. If you cancel less than five days rent price is not refundable. Refundable amounts paid for meals and rental of equipment within three working days after receipt of canceled or offset against future periods (deposit). All refunds or other changes must come from the payer (contract-Customer).

Equipment, accessories, equipment, furniture, located in the hall passed by an act of acceptance before the event in good condition and shall, upon completion of the Contractor's employees. Material damages are awarded immediately after the event

At a cashless payment, after the event, certificate of completion, the invoice signed by the Customer or any other person specified by the customer (in the absence of observations)-In the presence of notes indicated in the act.

For registration the application the application (171.71 KB)  to rent the conference hall for your event or to get more information, please contact the reception of the hotel «Crystal» by telephone. (3842) 49-65-05

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 Site creation —
«5th dimension»
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